Speaking Engagements

Staff members of Come Arise Ministries (CAM) and Where Grace Abounds (WGA) are available to come and speak at your event!

Click here to get to know the director of CAM, Shannon Rants.

Click here to get to know the staff members of WGA.


We have spoken in seminars, conferences, women/men retreats, church leadership trainings, college chapel services, youth group events, small group learning environments, and academic classes.

Topics We Can Cover

  • Share Personal Stories as ones who have struggled with Sexuality, Gender, Addictions, and Relationships.
  • Understanding our Cycle of Connection (*See eCourse under Personal Exploration)
  • Influences of Same-Sex Attraction & Relationships
  • Love Addiction
  • Family Dynamics in relationship with those who are GLBTQ identified
  • Sexual Addiction
  • Biblical Understanding of Gender Identity
  • Young People Today: A Wide Continuum of Experiences

If Interested, please contact us.