Personal Exploration

Come Arise Ministries offers educational online eCourses that address gender, sexuality and how we connect with others from a Christ-centered perspective.


Understanding Our Cycle of Connection

Have you been feeling disconnected from God, from others or from yourself? Do you find yourself stuck in unhealthy relational patterns or addictions? Take this eCourse which will help you understand what keeps you stuck in unhealthy relational patterns, how to break the unhealthy habits and how to reCONNECT in healthy ways.  This 5-week interactive video class is self-paced. Recommended for both men and women. You will need access to a computer that has a video viewing software installed, a personal journal, and a Bible of your choice.

Special introductory price: $50 for 3 months access (50% savings)

Restoring Your Gender Identity

Recommended for men and women

Coming in 2015...

Restoring the Feminine Design

Recommended for women

Coming soon...
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The intentions for these eCourses are:

  • to be self-guided, go-at-your-own-pace, which is a helpful compliment to our busy lives.
  • to promote holistic spiritual growth in your personal and social life.
  • to be processed with an additional person, such as a: mentor, pastor, counselor, dear friend, etc.

These eCourses are NOT intended:

  • to replace professional counseling services and if by going through one these courses you find yourself needing further support we urge you to take action and seek out pastoral or professional counseling to further your healing process.
  • for the material to be duplicated, copied, displayed or distributed without the permission of Come Arise Ministries.

*PLEASE NOTE: When you buy one of these eCourses you are agreeing to these intentions listed above.